Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Display pieces

Okay, this is the last post for a while since my arm and back are killing me...

We were really fortunate to have so many amazing artists attend the convention... we also had a 'Canadian Theme Competition' with first and second prizes, and there were some amazing pieces in that as well.

I didn't take photos of all the works, but I did of my favourites... here they are, PLEASE click to see them at full size as some of these are breathtaking... and if I can remember who the artists are (or if the tag is visible) I'll include that.

 This was by Susan Greathouse, a Canadian painter who now lives in Texas. She was on the board for the convention. It's hard to see, but there is a mother-of-pearl lustre on the background, and that lustre is really neat because it picks up the colours of the other paint... which is why the background has almost a peach-y tint, from the mix of yellows and pinks on the seahorse.

 This is Elmira's piece, again.
 This is by Keiko Shimizu, who won First Place in the People's Choice award, AND First Place in the Canadian Competition, and you'll see that piece further down.

 This sea turtle is by the French Canadian artist Martin Lariviere. He had an amazing painting of a clown fish in an anemone (which I neglected to take a picture of) about the same size... and just to give you an idea of how much these things go for, that 12"x12" clown fish painting was for sale at $1,400

 Hmmm, I think this is upside-down? A modern piece by Yumiko Kanazawa. There's a lot of tiny enamel bits on it which give it a really nice texture, and the dark lustres look way better in real life.

 You've seen these by Agnes already

 I'm not sure who did this one (no name tag in the pic), but my grandma is a huge fan of large cats, so I snapped this pic 'cause I knew she's love it.

 A very, very traditional European-style cake platter.

 ...and a very traditional European-style clock. I think this was done by Betty-Anne Binstead, the painting friend who died just before the convention.

 Looks like these birds were also by her as well.

 One of Linda Phelps (my painting mentor, and the Chair of the convention) modern pieces.

 ...and another by Linda.
 Ah, yes, here's the one by Keiko that won first place.

 ..and Sachiko came in second! LOVE this one as well, you really have to click to see it at full size since there's so much going on inside.

 This is by Martin as well. I like owls almost as much as I like crows :) For the Canadian Competition.

 This was by Anne Clawson, who also helped out on the convention, and took over a lot of Betty-Anne's share of things after she passed. It's from a photo of her husband and son, for the Canadian Competition... 'cause nothing's more Canadian than hockey and the Northern Lights, right?

 Linda Phelps' Canadian Competition piece -> a multimedia. She painted the mountains that are/were visible from the convention centre, which was a really neat idea, and made porcelain leaves, then painted and lustred them.
I honestly can't remember who painted this one... but it was another really nice piece from the Canadian Competition.

Okay, my arm is now broken. No more typing.

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