Monday, March 3, 2014

Itching fingers

I'm currently banned from using my computer/typing, but also from any activity involving my dominant arm, especially precision-related movements like drawing/painting, but with the convention coming up in May, I've been itching to paint... something...

I mean, isn't it sad that I'm the vice-chair of the board and I'm not going to have anything to display?

Like I'm 'pretending' I can paint... name only... a facade.

Well, I've been in Chilliwack for a couple days helping out with convention-related stuff, and while taking a break, I flipped through the latest edition of Porcelain Flash, and here are some of the images that make me want to say, "Phooey!" to my physiotherapist and pick up a paintbrush, especially the first two by Australian artist Ingrid Lee. Aren't they gorgeously dream-like?