Thursday, May 28, 2015

Triangular ceramic box

Was over visiting a family friend's place recently, and saw this:

It's something I made in university. After I fulfilled all the requirements for my Honours Degree, I needed (essentially) 2 more classes worth of electives. So, I took a condensed ceramics class in the summer, partially because I've done all kinds of ceramics work before so it would be easy, and partially because it's a heck of a lot of fun, and after packing my schedule to complete my degree in just under 1.5 years, I figured my final class/credits should be enjoyable :)

The project requirement was to make a slab box, which means rolling (with a special roller) out thin sheets of clay, cutting them into geometric shapes, and scoring/wetting the edges to build a box. Generally this works best when you use 90 degree angles

Every person in the class built a square/rectangular box, maybe 2 or 3 put a lid on theirs.

Since I'm never satisfied (well, let's me honest... it's that I'm not interested) in boring/status quo things like that, I built this odd little triangular box/dish which is wider on the top than it is on the bottom (so, no 90 degree angles were used) and sculpted a fancy little handle for the lid.

 The lid sits in place on three extruding triangular pieces, so air is meant to get inside.

...and because I do like making things look nice, I angled the points so it fits softer in place, and pressed three triangular impressions on the 'feet' of the lid and also inlaid them with glaze.

It was kind of fun/nostalgic to see this sitting out on display, and nice to know she liked/likes it enough to keep it out.

I know I've got more pieces, but they're in boxes, tucked away to survive the next time I move.