Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Piggy banks stage 5: second lustre coat

So, I left the piggies with my mentor to be fired, and didn't have a chance to go back until several weeks later.

Now, here's why I should have red-resisted the opposite area first on the Sleepy Pig:

 Painting red resist over a dark blue lustre... oh my goodness... I could NOT tell if there were gaps in the red resist at all, it was so hard to see! In this picture the red resist is dried, so it' shinier/redder, but while painting it on, it was impossible to tell if I was laying it on evenly, and thick enough (since if it's too thin, peeling it off is super hard and you don't want to put it in the kiln with any bits 'cause it makes a big mess).

You can see in the background the Lotus Pig has been red resisted for a second coat of the same transparent blue colour.

 Here's the Sleepy Pig after the second firing, I freaking LOVE how the orange clouds turned out!

The Lotus pig didn't really need a second layer of blue, but because I had such a hard time running the lustre on the first coating (I did the Lotus Pig first, so I was experimenting with it), there were a bunch of missing gaps... including around the mouth... so it looked like the pig was drooling/foaming at the mouth. Don't really want to give a rabid-piggy-bank to a newborn, right?

Also, the second coating of blue gave it more depth, and since I wanted the reflective/flowing look to be reminiscent of water (since, duh, 'Lotus Pig').

At this stage, I was pretty happy with the way things were looking.

Oh, in the background, you can see the Sleepy Pig after it had the coating of orange lustre, after I had peeled the red resist off, but before I had fired it., time for the part I hadn't given much thought to... designing what I was going to do with the white areas...

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