Monday, January 13, 2014

Piggy banks stage 3: red resist

Once the designs were on, I needed to red resist the areas I did not want lustre to touch.

If you remember from last time, I did not think about the Micron pen being so easy to wipe off. Due to this, whenever my brush would touch the lines, it would smear and I was worried that the result would not be crisp lines after all my time spent obsessing over the templates.

If I hadn't been under a time-crunch, I would have wiped off the designs, gone out and bought a different kind of pen, then re-done them, but at this point, it was day 3 of only 4 days I could work on these, and I hadn't even had the chance to fire once. I had to just take extra time and be super careful.

Even though you can see I have a design on the side of the pig (that wraps all the way around), I only had a silhouette that I was happy with. I didn't have any plan of how/what to fill them in. At least with the top design I had a 75% clue what I was going to do... but the lustres had to go on first, and I was swiftly running out of time.

Here's the red-resisted Sleepy Pig, and this is my first major error with this project. I should have reversed the areas that I red-resisted. By the way, do you have a better idea now why I didn't want there to be 'pig anus' for the wrap-around designs? That's actually the main reason I did do a wrap-around rather than have a focus point like in some of the discarded sketched designs.

Oh, and so you can appreciate the detail level... those thin white lines in the clouds are about 1/8" wide.

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