Sunday, June 28, 2015

Little sketches

Physio on my shoulder is going well, the nerves are less pinched, which means I am doing silly little sketches again as rehab.

Nothing spectacular, seriously, it still hurts to hold a pen/pencil longer than 10-20 minutes, but here are a few little sketches I spun out and gave a quick colouring job in Photoshop.

I don't know why, but when I'm doodling, it's usually odd little critters/beasts that come out... I think the fire dog-thingy is kinda cute :) He reminds me a bit of a French Bulldog. No idea what the dragon-morphing thing coming out of the cloud is, I was just randomly making curling shapes at the end of the wave that turned into a cloud that turned into... rain that turned into... a beastie. Yeah, no thought at all behind that one ;)

The green & yellow floral thing was a fast/simple design that I may want to put on baby-gift-related something-or-other in the future.

The green singer/castle/wave was sketched after I wrote this little bit of flash fiction and considered (for 5 minutes) of making a short graphic comic/story out of it. I still might, one day.

The mouse... yeah, y'know when I was playing around with creating designs for (potentially) an interactive/app-type kids book? I've got a rough script for a mouse story in my head as well, essentially two mice 'fighting' each other with imagination.

Anyways, nothing I spent a lot of time on, but it's nice to hold a pencil again (for short spurts), even if my control still sucks too much to even consider picking up a paint brush :)

...good thing this old soccer injury/pinched-nerve thing doesn't affect typing skills or I would be absolutely insane by now with zero creative outlets...

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