Friday, August 22, 2014

New scribble

Since I'm trying to re-strengthen my hand now that the nerves are less restricted, I've been sketching a few little cartoons/drawings.

Here's one I'm pretty pleased with :) ...even the 10 minute Photoshop job to throw in some colour...

And no, I didn't draw the Seahawks logo... I just edited one I found online.

I've said before, when I've posted little self-sketches on my writing site, that this is my default drawing style. Yes, from all the years of life-drawing and animation classes, I can draw in many different styles, but this is the one I developed as 'mine'.

Sure, it's not super wow-worthy/impressive, but I like it. It's simple, focuses on shape, the silhouette against the white-space is interesting (if you delete the green framing oval), and it gives a light/laid-back feeling.

I inked over the sketch with a micron pen before scanning it into Photoshop, but I really do prefer my original pencil lines... they give more of a sense of movement/emotion. I find the Micron pens make sketches a little more stilted/cold because you're tracing an original drawing.

One day I'd love to play with a WACOM tablet... but for now, it's pretty low-tech ;)

...and I love sketching. The mechanical pencil I use I've had since my animation-school days. The lead is thick, about 1/8", so you can get a really diverse variety of line thicknesses, and it comes in different hardnesses. I usually use B or B2. B for cleaner/thin lines, B2 if I want more range in thickness and a sketchier feeling.

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