Monday, February 17, 2014

Crows - a near Hitchcockian story

No one outside of the Vancouver area probable knows about this, but there is an unusually large flock (or murder) of crows in Burnaby that is somewhere in the 6,000 count.

A quick Google search will supply videos, and heaps of articles about this odd phenomenon that has been tracked since the 1970's.

It's something I've always known about, but never actually seen it until a couple weeks ago I drove a friend of mine to an early morning job interview in that area of Burnaby.

Coincidentally enough, a ton of them were roosting on the building, in the surrounding trees, the trees across the street, and on the power lines. As I waited for the interview to be over, I wandered around the parking lot and tried to snap a few pictures with my phone, which really doesn't do the experience justice...

I am very fond of crows and ravens, but even this was a little unsettling. Seriously, click the photos so you can see all the birds in the background...

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